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Quite Great Music PR is a Quite Great Communications company. For a full range of Quite Great services, please see our main website.

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Music Publicity, radio
promotions and marketing services .
From indie bands to classic rock and from
classical to pop....


 We are renowned for our creative thinking and our ability to create a story to fit your needs and to give you true impact, these help us to get acts signed if that is what they need or for labels to help their acts to sell more downloads or increase those attending tours etc..if you want to see some of our work then delve deeper into the world of Quite Great's music site or just email and we can show you some examples of our thinking that helps you as an act, or a label to really get heard. we have radio pluggers, tv pluggers, national and local print pr team members, online pr and social networking development waiting to help you, contact us or read on for a full insight into QUITE GREAT

From CD design to music promotion, from music distribution to music video production our experience allows us to cater for your needs.

We also specialise in digital optimisation - indispensable in the modern world of music promotion. We can help get you top Google rankings and optimise your 'hits'. This is a truly effective marketing tool and can work hand in hand with a strategic promotion campaign.

In addition to the music publicity and radio promotion we also have a strong entertainment PR heritage. We have worked on music dvd promotions for the likes of Eagle Rock right through to Warner Music and many more. Covering all musical genres our national marketing services encompass all aspects of project development such as helping with tours, gigs, image development and controlling all promotions.

Quite Great Music PR and Promotions pride ourselves on our variety and range of experience in publicity.

We are also offering Music promotion and publicity for the USA targeting college radio along with internet and digital radio.




Quite Great Communications is one of the UK's leading music PR, entertainment publicity and management agencies in the UK. We've provided national and international press and publicity services for some of the biggest artists in the world, including Kiss, Meatloaf, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Chris Rea, Mariah Carey, Brian Eno, Russell Watson, and The Bee Gees.

We also provide effective music promotion services for artists taking their first steps in the music release process. We can help build a creative marketing strategy to fit your style whilst taking into account your situation, creating the perfect recipe for success in promotions and marketing.

Quite Great have acted as an entertainment promotion company to all the major labels since 1996 thus we have developed a high level of PR and music marketing integrity. Quite Great PR's experience in marketing, promotions and pr covers everything from publicity for metal, rock and pop bands to country, classical and world music.

Prior to starting the company Pete Bassett ran the press offices for legendary rock label Geffen, whilst at MCA in the UK, handling publicity and public relations for Guns 'n' Roses through to pr  for Cher and overseeing public relations campaigns for Nirvana and Sonic Youth as well. At Polydor he looked after everything from pr and promotions for Brit pop acts to publicity for Motown and related music pr for  Andrew Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Group right through to pr for  The Cure and at Jive Records was at the forefront of releases from some of New York and L.A.s seminal rap and hip hop artists.

Quite Great has always used creative publicity ideas to create relevant major national media coverage. We used our music marketing skills to help the likes of Newton Faulkner and Sandi Thom gain national publicity, putting them on the right track towards securing record deals! Quite Great Publicity have used  headline-grabbing promotion ideas, and a creative PR approach, to deliver results for our music and entertainment clients. Be they indie, folk, rock, pop, metal or classical, established or brand new - Quite Great have been there.


We are a UK music PR agency that offer essential music marketing and publicity advice and a fully integrated music promotion service both nationally and internationally. Our experience in music marketing and promotion allows us to generate more hits on your website, listens on your MySpace or views on Youtube. We have the experience and we know the UK market.

We are a mulitfaceted music promotion company

Quite Great's Decade PR aims to develop a multi-layered music pr and publicity platform to fit all ranges of budget and publicity time frames from 3 months to 12 months, ranging from creative online marketing to promotion & press.

Quite Great Creative National PR grabs publicity headlines for music in the UK.

Quite Great Blogging gets pr messages to all key music bloggers searching for your music in the UK, creating buzz in the virtual world.

Quite Great Online PR  gets reviews and interviews in key online UK and international media.

Our main goal is to gain and create pr exposure for you. The climate of today’s music industry is fierce and every bit of exposure counts. Quite Great will go the extra mile to get you publicity.

Your music deserves to be heard and that is our goal. Once heard we want it to be written about, shared and distributed through sales. Whether you’re an artist veteran or brand new to the game, we can help with your promotion and marketing!

Quite Great International PR - international radio and press across the globe:

We have a network of non UK publicity and promotions team members who can create music PR and music marketing opportunities through experience in radio in Australia, U.S.A. and in Europe. Radio promotion is one more of the territories in which we have experience within the world of music marketing.

Quite Great Student PR targets campaigns for student radio and student online media

Quite Great Automated Postings help get your music, videos and press releases online.

Quite Great Social Networking helps to increase facebook and myspace acitivity.

Quite Great Youtube Development increases views using viral marketing ideas.

These are just some of the marketing and publicity services that can be offered. We provide a range of great and effective promotion campaign ideas as part of our unique publicity menu of services.

We handle many non-UK artists too, so if you are you looking to launch music with a pr and marketing agency in the United Kingdom for the first time contact us! We can help promote bands and artists in the UK by offering them a way to release music and market their music in the UK. We can help promote, market and then break your music in the UK and across Europe.

Quite Great service all NPR, college and AAA stations. These stations are essential for building a profile and to develop an international audience. We select the right show at the right station for your genre of music. Quite Great have teams in the United States and the United Kingdom. Wherever you’re based, we can help. We cross-pollinate markets to achieve the best results in a quick manner for our clients. We also service Australia, New Zealand and mainland Europe. We have a global reach due to our long experience as a music promotion firm.

Quite Great PR's passionate pr team strive to do everything we can to gain the creative music publicity coverage you need to break your music in the UK and internationally. Through regular publicity reporting and friendly pr team members we are the music promotion company to accomodate all your music needs.

Quite Great music promotions for the UK also is happy to provide these services to labels and marketing companies.  We help companies that may describe themselves as music marketing or music promotions companies as they outsource their business and don't  have a full promotions team in house covering radio, press, online and tv, as we do. So we actually staff projects that other companies you may come across when searching for music pr, music marketing etc on Google say they do. They ask us to help promote across all levels of radio, online, press and TV platforms depending on what is needed and then add a % on top whilst aiming to do deals with pr and promo teams who have the staff to do the job. Some companies run their campaigns as one off hit outs to a mailing list and don't have a relationship with key media outlets that real pr companies should have, ge aware that  we spend every day of every week building relationships. Working with these types pr companies who outsource to the likes of Quite Great, as mentioned you may have already come across on Google, and means that you will end up paying more to implement release strategies over an agreed period. Hence the Quite Great team act as a One Stop Shop for all your label and marketing needs, and we end up working numerous releases in line with our development programme we offer to labels and artists whereby they work and develop with our in house team of professionals. The likes of Warners strategic marketing, the catalogue division and compilations side of Sony and Universal have also used the promotional team we offer to act as an all encompassing service, but music marketing agencies tend to find the service most appropriate.

Labels and marketing companies for music in the UK will often approach us and outsource as it gives them a built in integrated promotional team of professionals and allows the individuals who generally run these types of companies to keep costs tight , we are proud to have worked in the past also with the likes of Autonomy Music Marketing who again have outsourced to our pr team , so if you are looking for promotion and have your marketing team set up or you are a marketing company then it need not clash withWWW.QUITEGREATMUSICMARKETINGUK.COM our own music marketing brand that helps artists , especially those outside the UK to market music in the UK with our team helping from the first stage of bringing in frontline producers through to registering isrc codes to design and finally the promotion which with the likes of the amazing Si Cranstoun can end up signing to a major label , in Si’s case Warners.

Creating a tailored campaign can be crucial to the success and development of your band or label artists therefore working with a team who have all the marketing and promotional services under one roof like Quite Great, can solve a great many problems but as mentioned we are only to happy to act as the unseen service for music marketing companies and also act as part of the team covering one or more services for releases.